About Us

A space with a feel of genuine Japan in central London, where people can experience authentic Japan… a place where we can serve Japanese cuisine loved and enjoyed in Japan with warm hospitality…
With these wishes, we opened the first Cocoro restaurant in Marylebone Lane in January 2006.
Although our restaurant is in fashionable Marylebone, with rows of high-end shops and housing, our prices are reasonably set so that people can casually drop in and enjoy our food. Our experienced Japanese chefs prepare delicious and delightful dishes every day, creating a fusion of traditional and modern tastes which can be enjoyed by anyone.

Thanks to our customers, Kumamoto pig bone ramen was a massive hit in the Cocoro restaurant no.1, which led to the opening of our second restaurant ’ Japanese Curry and Ramen CoCoRo’ in Coptic street, off the British Museum. As prices are reasonable, you can come casually, relax and enjoy meals as in a fast food restaurant. At lunchtime we mainly serve set meals, and for dinner, we have Izakaya (Japanese style pub) food, a range of dishes to accompany your drinks.

Both restaurants boast an extensive list of drinks. We are particularly proud of a huge variety of shochu spirits, and popular and easy-to-drink ume plum wines, which are directly imported from Japan. We love welcoming you here and always strive to give you the best possible service.

We opened our third restaurant in Highgate, a prime residential area in north London.
We will continue working to be a Japanese restaurant which can live up to your expectation and more.